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Post by DragonWithTheS on Thu Jan 26, 2017 7:24 am

1 ) Don't kill any character unless you have the permission of that character's player.
2 ) Use a different account for each character
3 ) To schedule a fight, challenge another player's character and establish a date and time with that player and decide if it will be a timed (30 minute) fight or untimed (10 posts each) fight. Make sure an admin knows about your fight. The admin will create a thread for that fight with the arena information, as well as the date and time. Some times an admin will assign you a fight, and work with both players to set a date and time.
4 ) No crucifixions, you edgelord.
5 ) Each fight you win will award you 2 XP, and each loss will award you 1 XP You need a number of XP equal to double the next level to gain a level (4 XP for level 2, 6 XP for level 3, and so on).
6 ) In each fight under The Arena, you can vote for whichever fighter you think did best. This will award those players with one favor for each vote, which is the currency that can be spent at various places in the commerce district. The Admins not update the fighter registry for you.
7 ) Each post in a fight will be ranked between 1 and 5 by the judge for several factors: Defense (how well you defend against or take an enemy's attack when reasonable), Offense (The judge's estimate of how effectively you attack the enemy), and Style (A measure of how unique and generally stylistic your whole post is). The judge is not required to reveal these scores. At the end of the match the Judge will declare a cease and award the victory to whoever scored highest.
8 ) Occasionally, fights will have special scoring conditions. These will be announced by the judge at the beginning of the fight.
9 ) A character must be level 3 to join a guild. Once they are, any favor they earn is also earned by their guild and used to upgrade their facilities and guild hall.

New Characters:
Every new character is a recently dead soul taken from their afterlife and given to the Arena as part of a long standing contract with death. Here the worthy warriors earn glory and are allowed to pass into the afterlife of their choosing or, for the greatest of champions, earn reincarnation in their world.

In order to make a new character fill out and post in the fighter registry, then introduce your character by having them show up, escorted by their version of a grim reaper, at the Front Desk. There the Secretary of the Gods, Dan, will get them set and release them out into the grounds around the arena. Characters are free to explore and interact any of the common areas besides guildhalls, and can do what they wish. When they are ready to fight they should issue a challenge to another fighter and follow the rules posted above.

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